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As part of the Collaborative Leadership in Practice Project, we are developing practical tools and templates to help you reflect on, talk about, assess and build equity within your partnerships and networks. Each template or tool can help at specific moments with specific tasks or challenges.  None are comprehensive. Please see our Useful Links page for other complementary resources.

The tools and templates are designed for individuals who are part of equity seeking groups, as well as those wishing to act as an ally.

Two templates are currently being piloted :

  • Equity Analysis of Group Membership: A template for Collaborative Leadership in Practice
  • Partnership Conversation Starter: A CLiP Template
    • PDF Guide to using this template
    • Excel Template

Recorded Webinars

June 2016 Webinar: Practicing Collaborative and Equitable Partnerships and Leadership

Are you looking for new tools to increase equity in your partnerships? Do you want to learn from others’ stories of promoting collaborative leadership in practice?

In June 2016, Health Nexus and the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) hosted a project launch webinar with community partners from the Collaborative Leadership in Practice (CLiP) project. Webinar highlights include:

The webinar also shared two new CLiP templates that can help strengthen your collaborative work:

Watch the full June 2016 Webinar (66 min)

Download the Webinar Slides

Note: A parallel webinar was also hosted in French – with some different presenters and stories. For details, see our French Resources page.

December 2016 Webinar: CLiP Literature Review on Intersectionality, Anti-Oppression and Collaborative Leadership in Practice

CLiP’s Literature Review contains materials and resources that can assist individuals and organizations in developing and sustaining equitable, anti-oppressive, collaborative leadership frameworks to support inclusive partnerships and networks. The literature review synthesizes and analyzes a wide range of research and non-research materials in order to provide greater clarity on inclusive, equitable and collaborative leadership in the non-profit sector.

In this webinar hosted in December 2016, Literature Review author and OPHA Project Coordinator for the CLiP project Dr. Roberta K. Timothy spends a half hour sharing highlights from her research report and then provides dynamic responses to the following participant questions:

  • With the education sector focussed on individualism, what are the implications for employment expectations that people work collaboratively?
  • Can you recommend a tool that health units can begin to use to measure their efforts?
  • What roles do managers/supervisors and other leaders in the organization play in building collaborative leadership as an organizational process?
  • How do cultural competency and anti-oppression practice align/intersect?
  • What are your thoughts on the push to move from the discourse of anti-oppressive practice to that of White privilege and dominance?

Watch the full December 2016 Webinar (62 min)

Download the Webinar Slides

More tools and templates are in development.

Please let us know your thoughts or experiences related to our tools and templates by emailing

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