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Intersectionality, Anti-Oppression and Collaborative Leadership in Practice Learning Institute

Dates: Friday, September 30th– Saturday October 1st, 2016 from 8-5pm
BMO Learning Centre, 3550 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, Ontario

This two-day learning event is a first in North America, bringing together innovative trainers and learners to examine intersectional anti-oppression practices within collaborative leadership processes

The Intersectionality, Anti-Oppression, and Collaborative Leadership in Practice conference will:

  • Strengthen your knowledge of and skills in intersectional, anti-oppressive frameworks and their application in collaborative leadership
  • Enhance your understanding
  • Equip you to successfully engage in equitable practices within your leadership roles
  • Provide you a comprehensive foundation to identify sources of inequity, such as in health, and how to address them
  • Improve your ability to actualize change within your organization and industry


Attendees will explore the following areas from an intersectional, health equity, anti-oppression, collaborative leadership lens:

  • Indigeneity, decolonization, and reviewing the context of “Canadian Leadership”
  • Race, racialization, and resisting racism
  • Women, gender, and demystifying sexism
  • Dis/ability, ableism and redefining accessibility
  • Sexual orientation, gender identity, and resisting heterosexism and transphobia
  • Children, youth, seniors, challenging ageism through the life span

Who Can Benefit from Participating

  • If you work in a leadership role in equity-based or anti-oppression-based, non-for profit organizations, human rights, public health, social services, grassroots, or educational sectors.
  • If you are trying to incorporate an intersectional social change or social justice framework in your organization, community practice, and among your collaborative partnerships and networks.
  • If you want a dynamic training experience that will deepen your knowledge of intersectional anti-oppression frameworks and leadership practices

Please join us in fall 2016!

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Contact: Roberta K. Timothy Ph.D.
OPHA CLiP Coordinator
Email: rtimothy@opha.on.ca