City for All Women Initiative


The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) was established in 2004 to research best practices on how to ensure that concerns of women from diverse backgrounds are systematically considered in city decision-making. Research revealed that while there were some good practices in the city that addressed women’s specific needs, the City of Ottawa simply did not have the kind of information that would be necessary to take gender and diversity among women into account in a systematic way.

Today, CAWI continues to promote and create systemic change by starting with concrete changes in our lives and in our city. To achieve this, CAWI uses participatory and creative processes that draws upon the strengths, cultural expression, values and knowledge that women across diversity have to offer.

CAWI promotes a democratic practice that engages in the electoral process and moves beyond it. It is a political approach that promotes a deep sense of belonging and ability to make a difference for the women of our community.

Below are links to resource materials developed by CAWI members in collaboration with the CLiP project:

Tong Zhao-Ansari describes How CAWI Practices Equity in Partnerships and Relationships  (2 pages)

Suzanne Doerge discusses Creating Inclusive Cities for All Women (6.5 min) & PPT Slides

Valérie Assoi, discusses Les pratiques et ressources anti oppressives de l’IVTF (in French – 7 min)

Valérie Assoi shares Exemple d’un technique dans le Guide de facilitation à l’échelle communautaire (in French – 7 min)

CAWI Stories: Sharing of Voices and Decisions

CAWI Community-Based Research Report: What Actions Support Sharing of Voice and Decisions?

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