Collaborative Leadership in Practice – Leadership collaboratif en pratique


Inequity lies at the heart of so many health and social problems.

In response, organizations and community groups often choose to work together for change.

When we collaborate with diverse partners, inequity is not just an issue outside in the community. It is a dynamic among non-profit groups as well.

Collaborative, equitable and inclusive leadership is about recognizing the different levels of power (and resources) that different people and organizations hold within our partnerships. It’s about developing strategies and changing practices to address imbalances.  It is a commitment to ongoing dialogue, reflection and action to make sure that equity-seeking (marginalized) individuals and groups are at the centre of our collaborative leadership and decision-making.

While the CLiP project (2015-2017) has concluded, this website can still link you to Ontario-based partnerships, people, stories, research, tools and templates  focused on:

  • Decentering power, sharing resources,
  • Applying anti-oppression frameworks,
  • Evaluating partnerships with an equity lens, and
  • Sharing stories.

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In the spirit of innovation, we have adopted a symmetrical linguistic approach for our website: the French and English versions occupy the same site, sometimes the same page. To help us improve our website, your comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated.